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Dewey Avenue Free Methodist Church

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The Dewey Avenue Free Methodist Church, led by members of the Arlington Avenue Free Methodist Church, was formally organized in about 1900. The new congregation purchased the old Croton Methodist Church on Dewey Avenue in the upper Croton section of New Castle. The congregation initially shared a pastor – the Reverend Jacob J. Zahniser – with the Shenango (Coaltown) Methodist Church, until the Reverend John W. Backas arrived in October 1905. The church underwent numerous major additions in the 1950’s and 1960’s, which greatly altered the appearance of the building. Due to dwindling attendance the church closed in about 1978. About a decade later it became home to the Dewey Avenue Holiness Church under the Reverend William F. Schafer, who is well entrenched in local politics and community affairs. (c1909) Full Size

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