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Tifereth Israel Synagogue/Temple Hadar Israel - New Castle PA

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In August 1894 a small group of Jewish people along Home Street on the south side of New Castle founded an Orthodox congregation known as Tifereth Israel. The congregation, which met at several locations over the years, was initially led by Max Weinberg and contained forty members. The congregation steadily grew and built a dedicated synagogue (shown above) on South Jefferson Street in 1909. The congregation – which came to subscribe to the Conservative branch of Judaism – flourished at this location until they relocated to the North Hill area of New Castle in 1958. (Aug 2010) Full Size

The congregation of Tifereth Israel began work on a new synagogue on East Moody Avenue in late 1956. The synagogue (shown above) was formally dedicated during the weekend of May 13-15, 1958. In 1998 the congregation merged with the Temple Israel, a Reform congregation founded in New Castle in 1926, and together they became known as the Temple Hadar Israel. The newly combined congregation made its home in the former Tifereth Israel synagogue on East Moody Avenue and continues to do so today. (Mar 2012) Full Size

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  1. Temple Israel was a Reform congregation, not an Orthodox one.

  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Sandy, that was just a typo. It will be corrected soon. I believe the Tifereth Israel congregation was founded as Orthodox, but later went to Conservative – and the Temple Israel was founded as a Reform movement congregation. After the merger in 1998 do you what branch/movement of Judaism is adhered to in the new Temple Hadar Israel? Thanks. Jeff

  3. I would like to talk with a Rabbi—I need to explore my Jewish roots—hard to explain in a text. I hope you can help me.

  4. Jill Zikmund
    Did you ever get a response to your post 7/18/2016?

  5. Anyone know what ever happened to my old friend, Gary Cushner?


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