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Hartman Elementary School - Ellwood City PA

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To alleviate overcrowding in the schools a new primary/middle school, to be named in honor of city founder Henry W. Hartman, was authorized to be built on 4th Street in the early 1920’s. The Hartman School, which cost $250,000, opened for classes in September 1924 for nearby students in grades 1-6 and all city-wide students in grades 7-8. It served as a dedicated elementary school when the new Lincoln High School opened right next door in September 1926. (c1925) Full Size

The original Hartman School, located at the corner of 4th Street and Crescent Avenue. (c1938) Full Size

The old Hartman School was later razed and replaced with the new Hartman Elementary School, which opened for classes in c1999. It currently houses all city-wide pupils in grades 5-6. (Aug 2012) Full Size

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