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Plain Grove Public Schools - Plain Grove PA

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The village of Plain Grove was initially served by the one-room Plain Grove School located just to the south of the small rural settlement. The Plain Grove Consolidated School (shown above), the first such consolidated or centralized school in Lawrence County, was opened in early 1915. It was designed by the architectural firm of C.C. and A.L. Thayer. The new school, overseen by Principal Greer C. Denniston, brought together students in all grades from throughout Plain Grove Township. The school was soon overcrowded and a large addition was made in 1928. The school served the East Lawrence School District beginning in 1951 and then became part of the newly formed Wilmington Area School District in 1955. This building, which became known as the East Lawrence Elementary School, was lost to a fire on Wednesday, February 5, 1964. Students attended Pulaski Elementary until the “new” East Lawrence Elementary School was opened (only a portion of it initially) at the same location in late January 1966. (c1918) Full Size

The “new” East Lawrence Elementary School, which cost over $235,000 and was designed by architect Fred Heiges, was partially opened in January 1966. (May 2012)

The East Lawrence Elementary School was in operation until dwindling attendance saw it closed in June 2012. It was serving students in grades K-3 at that time. (May 2012)

(May 2012)

(May 2012)

The 2nd grade class from 1978-79. Full Size

A collage of students from the East Lawrence School during the 2005-06 year. Full Size

Linda Turner and Deb Fuhr – the 2nd grade teachers from the 2005-06 school year. Full Size

(May 2012)

(May 2012)

(May 2012)

(May 2012)

(May 2012)

(May 2012)



  1. I was in the 6th grade when the East Lawrence Elementary school burned. We then attended an afternoon session at the Volant Elementary School. I believe that the next year the East Lawrence students also attended the Volant elementary school.

  2. Do you know if the present day East Lawrence Elementary School is on the same plot of land as what was once Plain Grove High School through the 1950’s?

    If not, do you have an address or GPS coordinates of where Plain Grove High School once stood? I have a relative that graduated there in 1954 and I am trying to geotag their old photos of PGHS.


  3. At that point in time, wouldn’t the Consolidated School have been k-12 therefore being the High school as well?


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