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Edinburg-Hillsville United Methodist Church - Edinburg PA

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In August 1824 the village of Edinburg was laid out and two years later a small group of Methodists erected a brick church on Jackson Street. The congregation, which would always maintain a close association with the nearby Hillsville Methodist Church, grew steadily over the years. A new wooden frame Edinburg Methodist Church (shown above) was opened on Erie Street in 1869. In 1947 the church was slightly relocated onto a new basement and foundation and an addition was also built onto the building in 1964. In the 1990’s the Edinburg and Hillsville congregations, facing financial crisis, began holding joint services to save on operating expenses. (Apr 2012) Full Size

The small congregation of the Hillsville church was absorbed when that building was closed down in 2000. The renamed Edinburg-Hillsville United Methodist Church in Edinburg remained in operation for some time, but until it was decided in the fall of 2008 to shutdown the church for the coming winter, reopen in the spring, but close for good in June 2009. The church was decorated and opened on December 24, 2008, for its last ever Christmas service. The church subsequently reopened for a few months but was closed for good after a service held on Sunday, June 28, 2009, and currently sits vacant. (2008) Full Size

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  1. My grandmother was raised in this church and was an organists for many years here. Beautiful building


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