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Volant Public School - Volant PA

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After the Volant College closed for good in 1909 the local community soon began utilizing the college’s main academic building as a schoolhouse – eventually serving all grades through high school. That four-room wooden frame building was lost to a devastating fire on the morning of Thursday, August 2, 1923. It was soon decided to build a new school at the same location, but this initiative was delayed as it took some time to clear up issues with the deed to the property. The new six-room Volant Public School (shown above), designed by the architectural team of Thayer & Johnson, opened for classes in the fall of 1924. It served the community, eventually becoming known as the Volant Elementary School, until it was closed in June 1978. These days the building is home to a local business. (c1970) (Lawrence County Historical Society photo) Full Size

The former Volant Public School fronts Mercer Street in the village of Volant. (c2010)

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  1. NOTE, the Volant School was originally built in 1924 as a 4 room school house, first thru fourth grades. After the fourth grade the students were sent to the New Wilmington Elementary to finish the fifth and sixth grades.basketball court.

    the original school was in a shape of a “C” and between the two wings was an outdoor

    The additional two rooms, which became the new first and second grade classrooms.

    If i remember correctly the new additional was designed by Eckles. This would have been done in and about 1963-1964, when I was in the fourth grade.

    I just wanted you to get the history correct.

    Tim Womer

  2. Tim, you are younger than I am, but you are correct about the four-room school in a “C” configuration. During my childhood in Volant, the school housed six grades in 4 rooms. 3rd & 4th grades were in one room and were taught by Mrs. Rose, and 5th & 6th grades in another room, taught by Mrs. Anderson.
    When our “baby boomer generation” began to progress through the school, they created a third-grade class up in the Presbyterian church up the hill, for a couple of years, which was taught by Mrs. Parks, and the 6th graders were sent to New Wilmington elementary. I completed 5th grade at Volant, and 6th grade at New Wilmington.

  3. I went to 4th grade in Volant in 1964. I remember the school burning down due to an electrical short during the Christmas Holidays.
    My father who liked to movie film did film part of the fire including the school bell clanging as it fell. The underneath burned out the support. I remember school was closed until near the end on January 65. After that we were bussed to another school. The school was shared. Students there went earlier until about noon then the Volant kids had the afternoon.
    Does anyone else remember this?
    I do have that film. Will digitize it later this year.

  4. Could have been in 1963. Gosh its so long ago and I only went there one year.


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