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17th Street School - Beaver Falls PA

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The school system of Beaver Falls was plagued by overcrowding in the late 1870’s. In the 1880’s several new schools were erected, including the 17th Street School – located on 17th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. It served as an elementary level school for many years. The new Seventh Avenue School, serving high school students, would be built right next door (to the right) in 1910. At some point, possibly when a new high school opened nearby in 1931, the 17th Street School became part of the junior high program. (c1907) Full Size

The 17th Street School (white building) was located right next door to the Eighth Avenue School (red building) – another school serving elementary level students and erected in 1888. The new Seventh Avenue School, built in 1910, would be located just to the right of the 17th Street School. These three schools occupied the block (now the general site of Wendy’s) for over three decades. The 17th Street School was razed by the mid-1950’s. (c1908) Full Size

A class photo from the 17th Street School. (1922) Full Size


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