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Holy Trinity Catholic Church - Beaver Falls PA

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In 1910 a large contingent of parishioners of Polish descent at St. Mary Catholic Church in Beaver Falls were encouraged to form their own congregation. They soon acquired a small Lutheran Church across the street from St. Mary’s and it was dedicated as the Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Sunday, October 30, 1910. The first fulltime pastor was the Reverend W. Pawelkiewicz and he oversaw an effort to expand the church. A new church and associated school (shown above) was erected on Sixth Avenue next to the old building in 1916-1917. Pawelkiewicz departed in 1919 and was succeeded as pastor by the Reverend John Wasyliszen from 1919-1933 and the beloved Reverend Casimir P. Koscisz (“Father Casey”) from 1933-1960. The congregation was merged with St. Mary’s in February 1994 to form the new Divine Mercy Parish. Years later, with no need for two buildings, the Holy Trinity Catholic Church was closed down – and St. Mary’s was renamed as Divine Mercy Church. The former Holy Trinity building was subsequently sold. (Oct 2014) Full Size

The cornerstone of the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Beaver Falls. (Oct 2014)

The facade above the entrance to the former parochial school. (Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

(Oct 2014)

Looking north up Sixth Avenue you can see towering spire of St. Mary’s in the background. St. Mary’s was in the process of being demolished when this photo was taken. (Oct 2014)

The Holy Trinity building was closed in 1994 and later sold. Years later (c2011) it became the new home of a Methodist outreach group known as Ashes To Life Ministries. (Oct 2014)


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